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Just because a lot of you asked:D I feel like Sjokz is the big sister of all LoL. K tweets • photos/videos • K followers. "I have genetic dark circles + chronic insomnia, I appreciate the concern and I do try to work on it but I will. @RiotYuka = @sjokz's sister???? #L4N. AM @sjokz @RiotYuka you're both pretty! ^_^v. 0 replies 0 Wait is that Sjokz's sister that @Krepo slept with? They just flat out gay cam chat them for febiven and rekkles which is a ass. Harassing content is usually removed within less than 48 hours. Bonnierotten agreed, and stopped without hesitation, so he claims. Carolina gynning xxx had an orgasm. Not saying she should have fucked Gross but just be big bobs porn decent human and show some zuzka light porn for this guy penelope cum for your shit. He knows he knows that the way he acted was worse than the way he was treated kåt på stranden the girls and real amateur porn the people who lied to him and workout sex him bad info, lets hope he really did learn from it.

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The Jealous Little Sister!

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You're an idiot, that's not how the real world works. Now Ali asked about Ryan's girl, and Ali's girl spilled the beans on everything. This is an archived post. This guy needs to get his primal instincts sorted. I don't really give a shit about whos right, its a 15 year old girl so they're all fucking losers in my eyes. Sounds to me like the Gross Gore got jealous that he beta moved some 15 year old girl, tried to hit it failed, and then alpha Krepo got it, and Gross Gore is salty about it.

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He's seeking justice by talking about this on twitch? Submit a new link. They just flat out left them for febiven and rekkles which is a ass move. It was wrong that they did him that way and he was right to feel wronged. I've seen guys like him before and they always feel betrayed and then rage, which is ironically the same reason that he doesnt get the girl. Him and Ryan found two lovely ladies who agreed to go with them. He can say he would never do that all he wants, but I bet he doesnt consider other mens feelings when he has hooked up with women. sjokz little sister